Quiz-1 Current General Knowledge

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Quiz-1: Current General Knowledge

  1. What was India’s rank in Human Development Index 2017?
    (A) 120th
    (B) 125th
    (C) 130th
    (D) 135th
  2. Who is the current Chief Justice of India?
    (A) Justice Dipak Misra
    (B) Justice J S Khehar
    (C) Justice H L Dattu
    (D) Justice Ranjan Gogoi
  3. What is the height of the world’s longest statue dedicated to the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel?
    (A) 162 meter
    (B) 172 meter
    (C) 182 meter
    (D) 192 meter
  4. With which country India signed the much-anticipated deal worth $5.43-billion to buy five S-400 Triumf missile shield systems?
    (A) United States of America
    (B) France
    (C) Russia
    (D) Israel
  5. How many Gold medals India won in the 18th Asian Games held in Indonesia?
    (A) 12
    (B) 15
    (C) 18
    (D) 22
  6. Which Indian cricketer became the fastest batsman to reach 10000 runs in ODIs in 205 innings?
    (A) M S Dhoni
    (B) Shikhar Dhawan
    (C) Rohit Sharma
    (D) Virat Kohli
  7. What is the name of India’s first made-in-India engine-less train?
    (A) Train-17
    (B) Train-18
    (C) Train-19
    (D) Train-20
  8. From which date Bharat Stage-IV (BS-IV) vehicles will be banned for sale in India?
    (A) 1st April 2019
    (B) 1st April 2020
    (C) 1st April 2021
    (D) 1st April 2022
  9. What was India’s rank in Global Competitiveness Index 2018?
    (A) 58th
    (B) 68th
    (C) 78th
    (D) 88th
  10. Which Indian sportsperson won the 2018 World Billiards Championship by defeating Peter Gilchrist of Singapore?
    (A) Rupesh Shah
    (B) Devendra Joshi
    (C) Sourav Kothari
    (D) Pankaj Adwani

See answers and explanation of “Quiz-1: Current General Knowledge” below:


  1. (C)
    [Explanation: India climbed one spot to 130 out of 189 countries in the latest human development rankings released today by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). India’s HDI value for 2017 is 0.640, which put the country in the medium human development category.
    Norway(1), Switzerland(2), Australia(3), Ireland(4) and Germany(5) lead the ranking, while Niger, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Chad and Burundi have the lowest scores in the HDI’s measurement of national achievements in health, education and income.]
  2. (D)
    [Explanation: Ranjan Gogoi has been sworn-in as the 46th Chief Justice of India by President Ram Nath Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Justice Gogoi was born on 18 November, 1954, in Assam’s Dibrugarh district. He is the first person from the North-Eastern states to hold the post of Chief Justice of India.]
  3. (C)
    [Explanation: It is also known as Statue of Unity. It is located on a river island facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the river Narmada in Narmada District of Gujarat. It is built at a cost of ₹ 2900 crore. It is now the tallest statue in the world.  It rises 54 metres (177 ft) higher than the previous record holder, the Spring Temple Buddha in China’s Henan province.]4(C)
    [Explanation: India signed the much-anticipated deal worth $5.43-billion to buy five Russian S-400 Triumf missile shield systems at the 19th India-Russia annual bilateral summit at the Hyderabad House. The S-400 Triumf missiles are extremely efficient to track and hunt down combat aircraft, even stealth planes, at unprecedented ranges.]

    5. (B)
    [Explanation: 2018 Asian Games was held in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, from 18th August 2018 to 2nd September 2018. India won 15 Gold, 24 Silver and 30 Bronze medals in the event. ]

    6 (D)
    [Explanation: Virat Kohli became the fastest batsman to reach 10000 runs in ODIs in 205 innings. He broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record who achieved the milestone in 259 innings. He became the 13th batsman to reach the elite club of 10,000 ODI runs. He is also the fifth Indian to reach the landmark.]

    7. (B)
    [Explanation: Train-18 is India’s first indigenously built engine-less semi-high speed train. It is capable of running at a speed of up to 160 kmph. Train-18 is being referred to as a successor to the 30-year-old Shatabdi Express. It has been manufactured under ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai at the cost of Rs 100 crore .]

    8. (B)
    [Explanation: The Supreme Court of India has ordered a ban on sales of vehicles compliant with BS-IV emission norms in India starting 1st April 2020. Bharat Stage-IV emission norms came in to force in India on 1st April 2017.
    Bharat stage emission standards are standards instituted by the government to regulate the output of air pollutants from motor vehicles.]

    9. (A)
    [Explanation: The Global Competitiveness Index 2018 was released by World Economic Forum. India earned a rank of 58 among 140 countries. United States, Singapore and Germany were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the ranking list.]

    10. (C)
    [Explanation: India’s Sourav Kothari defeated Peter Gilchrist of Singapore 1134-944 to clinch the 2018 WBL World Billiards Championship title.]

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